L’Ecole 2022

L'Ecole 41 historic schoolhouseRegular readers know we have been fans of L’Ecole 41 since we moved to Washington state in 1999. As a result, we’ve frequently visited their historic schoolhouse in Walla Walla, met their impressive winemakers Marty Clubb and Marcus Rafanelli, and tasted through their wines. So we were delighted to taste through six of L’Ecole 2022 releases. Once again, L’Ecole scored. Read on for details.
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Stellar Wines

Stellar Wines from Two VintnersWe recently discovered two stellar wines from superstar winemaker Morgan Lee at Two Vintners. 2019 Alice and 2019 Oliver sing, just like all of Morgan’s wines. We said it before, and we’ll say it again: We’ve never met a wine from Morgan Lee that we didn’t like. Or love. Alice is a new release, while Oliver represents the most recent vintage. And Alice is a very special occasion wine. Read on for details.

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Licorice Alcohol

Licorice AlcoholWe recently hosted our monthly “Booze Group” and held a tasting of licorice alcohol, paired with Greek food. The most commonly known licorice-tasting drinks are Ouzo, Sambuca, Pastis, Pernod and Absinthe. Others include Arak, Anisette/Anis, Raki, Aguardiente and Xtabentun. Read on for details of the anise-flavored booze we tasted, and the menu. Continue reading

Beach Wines

Beach Wines from ItalyAs the summer days cool off, there’s still plenty of time to open some beach wines. No, not wines that you take to the beach. Sadly, there aren’t many of those days left this summer. Rather, wines that come from coastal areas with a beach. As well, it’s fun to pair wine with food from the same country. For example, an Italian Chianti complements Pasta Bolognese. The same goes for wines grown near beaches. For instance, we tasted these crisp white wines that go well with regional meals.
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